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10 Mar 2010

SEO 101 Rules to Follow NOW!

Writing by Nick Stamoulis

If you are one of those people that feel like you need to go at lightning speed when you start anything you will want to try to slow things down when you start your search engine optimization efforts. You want to make sure you have the basics down right before you do anything else. The basics will follow you through your entire search engine optimization campaign or career so it is always important to get these steps right.
Here are some SEO 101 rules you should always follow:
1. Keywords – Identifying keywords is most likely going to be the first step with anything you do. I always hear from people that they already know their keywords and then generate a list for me that have 10 or so relevant keywords. I then take that list and generate a few hundred or so. Don’t assume you know your keywords because there are always different variations that people are using and if you miss out on those words you could end up missing out on a lot of valuable traffic. And ALWAYS make sure the keywords you select to target on each page of your website are 100% RELATED to the great content you have written for that page.
2. Patience – If you are looking for results tomorrow I wouldn’t even try to attempt search engine optimization for your business. SEO is something that requires a great deal of time and effort. Results are carefully monitored over a certain period of time. Generally it takes 6 months of aggressive search engine marketing efforts to start seeing some sort of positive results. Anyone that tells you otherwise is lying or trying to pull a fast over you.

3. Rankings are Not Everything –
Sure the end game for your SEO is to get your website ranking for your popular industry search terms but don’t be discouraged when your website is not number 1 in the search results. Rankings are not the only byproduct from search engine optimization. There are many other positive things that occur from conducting search engine marketing efforts. You want people to bump into your articles and press releases and not just your website.
4. Don’t Cut Corners – If you think that an effort you might be doing might raise an eyebrow with Google or any of the other major search engines avoid doing it at all costs. General rule of thumb is that if you think it might jeopardize your website’s rankings it could very well affect you down the road so you are better off just avoiding the situation.
5. Content, content and more content – Content is probably one of the most important factors when it comes to SEO. Good content will always go a long way. Whether it is content in an article, press release or even a profile it is always important to put 100% into any content you are writing.
These are just the basic SEO 101 rules to really always keep in the back of your mind. As your business grows you will learn other basics that you will end up carrying throughout the lifespan of your search engine marketing campaign. And remember there is NO crystal ball out there to solve all of your SEO challenges!

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