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10 Mar 2010

SEO Tips

 Writing by Nick Stamoulis

Below are some helpful Blog SEO tips to consider when writing a blog post
(they are not in any particular order, but are all important):

1. Content –
Content is going to be the most important aspect of your blog posts. Your content has to not only be good but compelling. It needs to give readers a reason to want to keep reading and to also come back to see what else you got for them. You always want to sprinkle some keywords throughout your text as well. This will get your post climbing in search results.

2. Title –
The title of your post is very important. Depending on how your blog is set up will determine whether your title is being pulled into your meta information of your posts. There is a thin line between having a cute title and an SEO title that will actually work to your advantage over time.

3. Post Ending –
Don’t be scared to leave your post open ended. Ask a question in the end to trigger some heavy comment action. The comments will only help with the blog posts rankings. It’s kind of like pouring fuel on the fire.

4. Use Lists – Using lists has been known to significantly increase the strength of a blog post. Try making a post that requires a lengthy list in the body and you will see over time that post move around in search results.
5. Paragraphs – Use smaller paragraphs frequently, this keeps the readers attention into a manageable thoughts.

6. Images –
Incorporate some images throughout the post. This tremendously helps the user experience.
7. Videos – If you can please locate and include videos that are related to your blog post, sometimes this helps keep visitors longer on your website.

8. Link Building –
Yes, you need to promote your blog posts, through your Twitter, Facebook accounts and any of the many good social bookmarking sites out there. Not only will they help spread the word about your great content, drive visitors to your blog, but will also provide a nice link to your blog post.

9. URL of Post –
The URL of each post should be short and should reflect the content contained withing the blog post. Keep your blog post URLs short and relevant.
These are just a few main areas you should always consider when writing blog posts. SEO doesn’t just apply to websites but to blogs as well so if you want traffic apply these efforts to your posts once in a while.

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