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21 Agu 2010

About Heaven

HEAVEN was a boogie -based heavy rock band with similarities to the likes of The Angels and AC/DC, the link to AC/DC continued with Michael Browning, previous manager of AC/DC who helped HEAVEN to make an impact internationally courtesy of a worldwide deal with RCA Records . The band concentrated on Hard Driving yet melodic Heavy Metal and garnered strong sales in Europe and North America. HEAVEN’s original featured ex-FAT LIP and HEROES vocalist and mainstay Scottish born Allan Fryer alongside guitarist Kelly of SWANEE, former HEROES, Haese from FAT LIP and ALMOST HUMAN bassist Laurie Marlow and another FAT LIP refugee drummer Joe Turtur.
from the Heaven website.

HEAVEN basically evolved from the split of Adelaide outfit FAT LIP, which comprised of Fryer, former CHEEK bassist Felix Maslin, former SCANDAL drummer Aldo Civitcio and guitarist Steve Francis. Both Maslin and Francis left to create FAST FOOD as Fryer and Civitcio regrouped FAT LIP with Haese and Marlow. Before long Turtur had taken over on drums. Fryer then left to travel to Sydney to audition for AC/DC following the death of Bon Scott. As AC/DC announced Brian Johnson as their new vocalist Haese, Marlow and Turtur arrived in Sydney to reforge the band under the new title of HEAVEN.
The band issued the single “Fantasy” and a debut album ‘Twilight Of Mischief’ before Haese was replaced in early 1982 by former ROSE TATTOO guitarist Mick Cocks as the band relocated to Los Angeles. The debut album ‘Twilight Of Mischief’ was later re-released by CBS Records with a new cover, revised track listing (Tuesday Morning� was replaced with In the beginning�) and a new album title of ‘Bent’, as a New York band already had the rights to the HEAVEN tag over there so the album was released as Heaven Bent . In America the band opened up shows for JUDAS PRIEST, BLACK SABBATH and KISS.
During the bands existence, HEAVEN underwent several line-up changes. Cocks and Turtur were ousted in favour AC/DC, FINCH and BEAST bassist Mark Evans on guitar and former SWANEE, BEAST and DALLIMORE drummer John Lalor. This line-up was not to last long. The second album found only Fryer remaining from the original line up now sharing the spotlight with guitarists MITCH PERRY (previously with STEELER), bassists Dennis Feldman of MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP, ex-DUKES man Bruno Renzella and another erstwhile DUKES member drummer Tommy Dimitroff. HEAVEN later added ex-RICK DERRINGER guitarist Mark Cunningham.
1983′s ‘Where Angels Fear To Tread’ boasted some impressive guests in former RUNAWAYS star LITA FORD and former DEEP PURPLE man GLENN HUGHES. BLACK SABBATH’s Ronnie James Dio also adds backing vocals under the pseudonym ‘Evil Eyes’. A single version of ‘Bob Dylan’s ‘Knockin’ On Heavens Door’ gained valuable radio play for the band in 1985. The band also drafted guitarist Bobby Enloe. However, HEAVEN folded shortly after.
In 1985 Marlow joined BOSS but was usurped the following year by the very same man that took his position in HEAVEN – Mark Evans. Perry was to turn up as a member of MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP. Ex-HEAVEN personnel Haese, Evans, Marlow and Turtur together with ex-BLACK ALICE singer Rob Hartley created HELLCATS. Enloe joined SIC VIKKI.
By 1989 Evans and Haese had formed another new act MAMA’S DARLINGS with former ROSE TATTOO members guitarist Robin Riley and drummer Scott Johnson with ex-TOUGH LUXURY singer Stuart Cave.
From 1989-1993 the HEAVEN line up consisted of frontman Alan Fryer, ex-Thin Lizzy guitarist Brian Robertson and ex-Dio bassist Jimmy Bain and on lead was Greg Belt from FORCED ENTRY.
HEAVEN would reunite to guest for JUDAS PRIEST’s November 2001 Australian tour. The line-up for this tour was Alan Fryer, Laurie Marlow, Theo Kats (drums), Kevin Pratt (guitar) and Ross Flynn (guitar). A re-issue of HEAVEN’s ‘Where Angels Fear To Tread’ and Knockin├ó€™ on Heavens door added six bonus tracks (one unreleased track and 5 live tracks from BBC rock hour CD)
from the Heaven website.


  • Allen Fryer – Vocals
  • John Haese
  • Kelly (Bradford) – Guitar
  • Joe Turtur – Drums
  • Mark Cunningham
  • Tommy Dimitroff – Drums
  • Mark Evans – Guitar
  • Dennis Feldman
  • John Lalor – Drums
  • Laurie Marlowe – Bass
  • Mitch Perry
  • Bruno Rezella – Guitar
  • Mick Cocks – Guitar
  • John Layland
  • Theo Kats (Antoni) – Drums
  • Brian Robertson
  • Jimmy Bain
  • Greg Belt
  • Kevin Pratt – Guitar
  • Ross Flynn – Guitar
  • Bobby Enloe
  • Chris Caffery
  • Tony Taylor
  • Brad Dunn
  • Brian Christian
  • John Richards


  • Twilight Of Mischief – 1982
  • Where Angels Fear To Tread – 1983
  • BBC Rock Hour Live – 1984
  • Knockin On Heavens Door – 1985

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