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22 Mei 2011

List of SEO Tools

Search Engine Optimization

List of SEO Tools
This section is currently under development, and will be available very soon.

Here you will find an excellent selection of useful Search Engine Optimization tools, where you can perform a variety of SEO checks and tests on your websites, in order to discover where you need to apply more specific SEO techniques, and slowly being to improve your SERP Ranking, and achieve a greater amount of traffic to your websites.
Below are several links to various tools that all webmasters should sign up.

.:: Google Webmasters Tools

.:: Yahoo Site Explorer

.:: MSN Webmasters Tools

SEO Chat Tools
The SEO Tools found in this section were designed to assist you in configuring your website(s) for search engine optimization within the different search engines. Please select one of the SEO Tools from below to begin optimizing your website(s) for top placement within the search engines. Our SEO tools do not support any secured server sites due to authentication issues.  

Google Dance
This tool will query Google's three main web servers, showing the different statuses during updates. Watch Google Dance.

Google Keyword Suggestions
The keyword suggestion tool for Google will help you choose relevant and popular terms related to your selected key term.

Google Search for Multiple Datacenter
This tool searches your keyword/phrase in different Google data centers.

Google Suggest Scraper
Shows frequently search for phrases starting with the words and letters in your query.

Google vs Yahoo
This tool will run a search query in Google and Yahoo search engines and then graphically compare the results.

Enter URL, determines density of 1, 2, and 3 word phrases

Lists inbound links from 7 search engines & provides history.

Checks Links on 5 Search Engines, PR, Alexa Ranking, DMOZ.

Off-page (popularity) stats
 List of SEO Tools
Link Popularity Multi-Rank Checker
Check multiple domains PageRank and Alexa Rating.
Search Engine Position Reverse IP/Look-up
This tool searches for domain names hosted on your IP address.
Website Speed Test Website Speed Test
Find out how fast your website loads.
Ping Test Ping Test
Ping test tool is used to test the presence of an active connection.
Competitive Link Research Tool
Competitive Link Research Tool
A prototype from SEOmoz Labs. Find powerful sites your competitors are getting links from but you"re missing out on.
Labs Tool
Our original backlink analysis tool. Still the most detailed analysis of backlinks on the web! This is the first tool we built with our Linkscape index, though most of its functionality is now in Open Site Explorer.
Juicy Link Finder
Juicy Link Finder
Our original link-finding tool. Simply enter the keyword you are targeting and we'll give you up to 200 potential link opportunities. Try our Link Acquisition Assistant for next-gen link building suggestions.

SEO - Building Backlinks
Building backlinks to your pages is an essential part of SEO (short for Search Engine Optimization) for two reasons. The first reason is that it helps your pages get indexed faster, which is very important .....
[ Building Backlinks ]

SEO - On-Page Optimization
Ranking in Google mainly depends upon on-page optimization and off-page optimization techniques. On-page optimization are search engine .....
[ On-Page Search Engine Optimization ]

SEO - Off-Page Optimization
Off-page optimization is the search engine optimization technique that is applied to “off page”.  It consists of using the keywords as anchor .....
[ Off-Page Search Engine Optimization Article ]

SEO - Social Bookmarking
Social bookmarking is a web technology that is used to store, organize and share the bookmarks of the websites.  Social Bookmarking has .....
[ Social Bookmarking Optimization ]

SEO - Things to Avoid in SEO
Search engines have some rules and guidelines that must be followed by an individuals and SEO companies.  SEO scams are becoming more .....
[ Things to Avoid in SEO ] 

and you can read more about best of seo tools here

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  1. Anonim11:58 PM

    Great list of seo techniques and tactics. I've been looking at hiring an seo agency
    for my website, but I feel a little better about trying seo on my own after reading all this great info on your blog. THanks


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