Android Honeycomb, 3.0 Or 2.4 -

27 Jul 2011

Android Honeycomb, 3.0 Or 2.4

Android Honeycomb, 3.0 Or 2.4
Android Honeycomb, 3.0 Or 2.4

Google reportedly will present Android operating system that will be implemented for the tablet, which was named Honeycomb, or with 3.0 series. However, recently, turninto version 2.4. To some extent, these changes will take effect for Android in the future. Because some believe that Android users, view the version number before '2 'is a specialized version of Android for smartphone users, so naturally when Google finallystart with a new number (3).

With the beginning of the number '2 'is, many who doubted that Honeycomb is onlydevoted to the tablet, but no more than an upgrade from Android version 2.3 or earlieris known as the Gingerbread.

Of note Russakovskii Artem, from the Police Android, from Google's site stats quickcheck seems to indicate that Android 2.4 is not another from Honeycomb. "Specifically,in 30 days, we've had 15 requests from Android 2.4. On the other hand, we shouldsee '0 'if it was as Android 3.0,"explained Russakovskii, as reported by TG Daily,Sunday (02/01/2011) . "But it could be a version of the OS is counterfeit, but I find ithighly unlikely that there is a sudden appearance of a multiple of 2.4, completelyindependent from each other and all around the same time, while no sightingsoccurred 3.0 , "he added According to Russakovskii, 2.4 as Android Honeycomb is aperfectly plausible reason

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