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29 Nov 2011

Android Secret Codes and Hacks

Android secret codes and hacks are fun and even useful if you need to troubleshoot some problems on your phone, but they are not as impressive at most other phones since the phones can already do pretty much everything but there are still some codes which are not always general knowledge. Obviously these codes are not really secret and don't do anything amazing but since people commonly refer to them as secret codes it seems fair for me to do the same.
Android secret codes and hacks
Entering these codes on android devices should work regardless of the hardware platform.
Code Function Description
*#06# IMEI Standard IMEI command if you are trying to find out what your Android devices IMEI number is
*#*#4636#*#* Testing Mode - Phone Setting Displays the hidden testing menu for android which provides details on application usage, battery health and status, Wifi information and general network information. If you suspect that you battery is giving problems this is the best place to check.  You can also force certain network choices here, for example if you wanted to force your Android t use only 3G or GSM you could do it from the Phone Info menu
*#*#7262626#*#* Field Test Not supported by all units, will display a list of options for you to test and there is an option to log the information as well.
**05***# PUK unlock If you need to unlock you android phone this command can be run from the emergency calling screen , you will of course need your PUK code which you came with your Sim card alternatively contact your service provider to obtain the code
*#*#8351#*#* Dialer Log Enabled Records your last 20 calls and stores them on your phone, you can find the data in the following /data/data/
*#*#8350#*#* Dialer Log Disabled Disables the above mentioned call logging

The two most useful things here is the ability to confirm that you Android device battery is still working properly and being able to force your Android to stay on 3G without falling back to EDGE or GPRS if the signal is better. If you have any Android secret codes and hacks please send them to, the more the better.

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