Free Download MFI Loader BB 8xxx, 9xxx -

23 Des 2011

Free Download MFI Loader BB 8xxx, 9xxx

MFI Multi Loader
Free Download MFI Loader BB 8xxx, 9xxx
Download and copy paste MML folder to C:\

MML ---


extract loader all what inside copy/paste to C:\MML\HHFiles

check yours blackbery device ist no password protected


1:For curve 8300 run loader 8300.bat connect the usb to blackberry powered up
wait to load succesfull then you see

No Application Linked
(Factory OS)

don`t worry


2:Run MML
hit shift+ctrl+alt+F12 oooo hidden menu
connect your blackberry (when do not connect auto push conect button)
then push clear MEP only!!!!!!!

DONE simlock removed mass storage enabled

close MML and reload software using DM(desktop menager) safe one

for advanced user

copy .sfi from yours instaled software for 8300(example) C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Shared\Loader Files\8300-v4.5.0.81_P2.7.0.78\GPRS\rim8300g.sfi to loader.exe destination and create .bat file like:

loader -u load rim8300g.sfi
GOTO exit

check before load loader what ver of software you blackberry have
do not mismatch 4.2-4.3.-4.5 software .sfi

do not push write test imei will change your imei to test 001020......... no back from this with free tool

when don`t work with 9500/30 wait for new loader Free Download MFI Loader BB 8xxx, 9xxx

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