Offsite SEO Can’t Save a Bad Website -

23 Mar 2012

Offsite SEO Can’t Save a Bad Website

A strong SEO campaign can do a lot of things for your website and your online business. It can help increase your overall online presence, drive more targeted traffic to your website, improve your site’s visibility in the search engines, build your brand’s industry authority and much more. But there is one thing that offsite SEO can’t do, no matter how much time or money you put into creating and implementing your campaign—offsite SEO can’t save a bad website.
In the end, how “good” or “bad” a website is mostly boils down to the user experience. Here are three components of the user experience that all the offsite SEO in the world can’t fix:
Poor Navigation
Offsite SEO can help make your website look more appealing to the search engines, but without a great site waiting at the end that entire link building strategy is essentially null and void. Links are not going to convince a visitor to convert, your website is. And in order to convert visitors have to be able to easily navigate your website. How many pages do they have to dig through to find a phone number or fill out a lead form? Is the top level navigation well organized so they can get directly from the homepage to a deeper, internal page? Do they know what step to take next in order to make a purchase? A website that doesn’t walk visitors through the conversion process is probably going to see a high bounce rate because people aren’t willing to dig through a site. They’ll happily visit your competitor’s site because it’s easier to navigate.
Lack of Content
Content is arguably the single most important thing on your website. That content is what the search engines use to “read” and index your website and what convinces visitors to act. If your website just has the bare bones of content, how can you possible expect to instill enough trust in your visitors that they want to do business with you? You don’t have to put every single piece of information a potential customer could want on one page, but you need to give them enough content so that they want to learn/read more.
Cluttered Pages
The opposite of not having enough content, having block and blocks of text plus images, videos, ads and more can also ruin the user experience. You want to make it as easy as possible for visitors to find the information that they need. While there is a place and time for long content, you don’t want to scare potential customers away by trying to give them too much to look at and do at one time. Remember, the end goal of your website is get visitors to convert. If there is too much to click on, look at or read on a single page you risk losing their attention.

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