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25 Mei 2012

Efficient injection Motorcycles Honda Only the Best Price

Is it true that in theory, and the fact that efficient injection Motorcycles Honda's just the best price? To be able to convince the reader of course, authors need to dissect the information. Sepeda Motor Injeksi Irit Harga Terbaik Cuma Honda In the surgery information, we need to know what it is fuel injected, why could make the motor more efficient than a motor with a carburetor fuel system. Why then is there the best prices on Honda motorcycle? The questions is exactly what is able to convince readers about whether efficient injection motorcycle Honda was just the best price.Previously, in order to facilitate the reader in understanding why the efficient injection motorcycle Honda was just the best price, insert the following example of an image Author injection engine and carburetor.
Carburetor Engine picture is as follows:
supra 125 carburetor injection Efficient Motorcycles Honda Only the Best Price
Supra 125 carburetor engine
Motorcycle carburetor engine 300x225 Efficient Injection Honda Only the Best Price
Astrea Grand carburetor engine
Injection machine images are as follows:injection machine Injection Efficient Motorcycles Honda Only the Best Price
Injection Machine System Supra 125 PGM-FI

Efficient injection Injection Motorcycles Honda Only the Best Price
Injection machine
The following site plan drawing tools injection system are:Honda Motorcycles injection effi Efficient Honda Only the Best Price
Sitemap Injection Machine Tool Systems
In theory the burning of the motor system there are a few steps. Motorcycles with engine carburetor or injection is the same, but why would using injection engine systems become more economical Honda motorcycles? Here the author will try to give a simple description of the injection system and hopefully this is easily understood by the reader.
Fuel injection system is a new breakthrough in the automotive world, especially for motorcycle. Honda Supra X 125 PGM product-FI is a pioneer in the motor injection technology in Indonesia. The explanation will focus on the author of "economical". Here are some descriptions Writer Why injection motors more efficient than the conventional carburetor system that is still. And uraianya are as follows:

ECU (Electronic Control Unit) or electronic control, this device can can be compared to a "brain" for the injection system in which all information and orders will be processed in the ECU, in contrast to a carburetor system that would not use the ECU so that there is an intelligent system that will controlling the combustion process. ECU will process to process information from various sensors in the motor and make it a material consideration in the supply of fuel by the injector.
Fuel Injector (Fuel injector) is spearheading the process of supply of fuel into the engine combustion chamber, without the tool is of course there will be no-frills injection that will be pinned on a vehicle. Fuel Injector for ECU as executor, he will do the spraying of fuel in accordance with commands from the ECU. Because the fuel is sprayed through the injector so that no influence of temperature, even at low temperatures, the fuel can certainly be mengabut perfect and at a high temperature fuel will not teruapkan, of course, the advantages of this kind will never be obtained on the carburetor system.
Oxygen sensor, an integral part in the role of giving consideration to the ECU to make decisions, so the supply of fuel will be adjusted to the levels of oxygen in the air, so that complete combustion, the engine remains durable and powerful.
Exhaust sensor (exhaust gas sensor) detects the level of emissions produced by the engine, if the detected presence of excess emissions or content that go wasted fuel means burning less than perfect so that it will provide information to the ECU to re-regulate the fuel supply. So in addition to economical course also environmentally friendly.
The engine temperature sensor. Before, have we ever heard "-klitik klitik" on the motor that uses a carburetor? One reason for the existence of such a voice as the temperature is too high in the combustion chamber and cause the fuel mixture explodes prematurely. With the temperature sensor, the ECU will know how much the supply of fuel to be sprayed by the injector, the high temperature ideal fuel mixture will be easier though exploded prematurely, let alone too much fuel and the resulting sound "klitik-klitik" or called knocking. Effect of very bad for the engine knocking. With the injection system combined with the intelligence of the ECU, then we can conclude, the result is more fuel efficient, so the machine durable, strong, and remain vigorous.
In addition to economical and environmentally friendly, because there are other advantages which are supposed to convey the author of this paper. By using our injection system will not be confused as such care in the carburetor system. Let's take a moment to see the motor that uses a carburetor, to be sure if the carburetor looks dusty, had not been cleaned, it stands to reason that the dust that is around the inside of the carburetor will disrupt fuel supplies. When the fuel supply is interrupted, the combustion will not be maximized. Unlike the injection of dust and dirt will not mean so much care on the injection machine is not too heavy and as often as the motor that uses a carburetor. The authors estimate the treatment on the injection machine of at least about 3-4 months. While the engine carburetor is about 1-2 months.
Actually there are a lot of the technical side that play a role in Sitem injection, but little blurb on the author thought was sufficient to be the reason why the injection of more efficient motors. Simple philosophy of an injection motor system is "to suit the needs of not just a desire to meet" so why diboros-boroskan that do not produce? Honda as a motorcycle pioneer injection must have been very experienced in technical matters. So, in terms of friendliness lingkunngan keiritan and Honda is certainly no doubt about it. If there is a saying like-this "Efficient Injection Motorcycles Honda Only the Best Price". The author thinks it is not too excessive. Because in theory the authors as described above.It is clear, as the above explanation, that the right choice if you buy a motorcycle is a fuel system berinjeksi. of exposure to the above, it also reassures the reader that efficient injection motorcycle Honda was just the best price. Then if the next question is why only the best prices on Honda motorcycle?
We need to know, Honda is very competitive in price, especially when the sales price (the price of the former). Superior Honda over the sales price. If we look at the facts and opinions in the community that the price of Honda motorcycles are the best. If we browse the internet looking for a price comparison after use and then sold in one year difference in the average Honda motorcycles have a small difference compared to the other bike (the price of news sources on the www dot com dot price-motor). The main reason why the price of Honda's motorcycle sales are better than other motorcycle price is the price of spare parts or motorcycle parts Honda is more expensive than the others, in other words to reach the general public is very high price of spare parts Honda motorcycle.View of Brands we can conclude that in terms of sales price of Honda motorcycles are the best among the others. From both the above conclusion, the author nor reader can conclude that efficient injection motorcycle Honda was just the best price. The authors thus share knowledge about efficient injection motorcycle Honda was just the best price.
Sepeda Motor Injeksi Irit Harga Terbaik Cuma Honda

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