Free Download Theme WM7Berry (9900/9930 OS7) -

4 Nov 2012

Free Download Theme WM7Berry (9900/9930 OS7)

Theme WM7Berry for Bold 9900/9930 OS7 - This is a new WM7 design .
Only compatible with OS and above!

BlackBerry Theme WM7Berry

- Comfortable natural scenery wallpaper
- Large time display
- Tidy main interface
- Full show wallpaper
- Quicklaunch support (Touch screen only) and commonly used in several procedures can be open on this time

Hidden dock :
fixed icons , custom programs and media

=fixed icons=
- Information can be displayed several unread
- Weather software support
- The media icon to open the hidden part of the media
- Telephone icon can display a few missed
- Calendar icon to display 2 layer today
- U can go to the calendar program if have not today in ur calendar
- The time is displayed on the clock icon

=custom programs=
- 7 custom program from app list

- 8 program from media folder

Theme WM7Berry (9900/9930 OS7)

Version: 1.0.0
Size: 1499 KB
Compatible: BlackBerry Bold 9900, 9930 OS7++

Download Theme WM7Berry (9900/9930 OS7)
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Offline Installer

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