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13 Sep 2010

Golek Sulung Dayung - Indonesian Culture

Golek Sulung Dayung, This Classical Javanese Dance comes from the court of Yogyakarta. It depicts a young woman's desire to always look her best. The dancers seen here belongs to the Yayasan Siswa Among Beksa which was created by the brother of Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX in 1952. The dance foundation's goal is to preserve and develop the Classical court dance of Yogyakarta and the Mataram style.

Golek Sulung Dayung including the coquettish dance because this dance portrays a woman who was dressed up. Many varieties of these dances that depict women being dressed up, like for example sampur Games movement, or pairs of ali-ali, there is also ngilo and so forth.

This dance is actually more dynamic than srimpi or bedaya. These include classical dance, modern dance gendingnya faster and more pleasant rhythm. Usually someone who learned this dance can be faster than learning another dance, because dance puppet is the oldest rowing pleasing.

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