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10 Mar 2010

How to Write Meta Tags and Descriptions

 Writing by Nick Stamoulis

Have you ever visited a website and seen the home page meta tag just jammed with keywords that runs the entire length of the top of your computer monitor? If you have that is a great example of how you don’t want to construct your meta tags and descriptions. There is a lot of argument in the industry on the importance of meta tags and how valuable they are. Meta information alone might not increase rankings but once your website has the power to rank well the keywords in your meta information will steer your website towards the right audience you are looking for.

Your meta tags should always be created tastefully. Each page should target 3-5 keywords for your content and your meta information and it should be custom cr

afted to what is occurring on that specific page. Remember that your meta information needs to offer an explanation to the end user. Your meta information is what appears in the search engine results when you are searching for something specific in the search engines. At the very least you want to keep it clean and to the point so that a person using a search engine will be enticed to click on your meta tag and visit that specific web page. Each meta tag gives a snippet of information for the user to understand what the information on that page is referring to. If you just cram it with keywords the user experience will be horrible and you will end up losing website visitors very quickly. Search engines really don’t like when meta information sections of a website are stuffed with more keywords than they should be. Some websites have been known to generate penalties in Google for over stuffing meta information with keywords and phrases.

When it comes to crafting well written meta tags and descriptions they need to have a very tasteful approach. Website users and traffic are getting much smarter and when they see these types of approaches where information is being jammed into the meta tag information area it deters them from wanting to do business with you. Always keep it clean and relevant and your website will over time find the audience you are looking for.

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