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Best of SEO Tools

Best of SEO Tools

 Best of SEO Tools

Search engine optimization (seo) is the art and science of making web pages attractive to the search engines. The goal of search engine optimization is to have your website ranked in the top ten internet search hits that appear on the first page. Why is it important to be on the first page? It's important because the average internet user doesn't click on any of the sites listed on the second or third page. Out of sight, out of mind. One website owner reported a two hundred and ten percent increase on her e-commerce sight when she had her webpage redesigned for optimal search engine optimization.

Below you will find a selection of Search Engine Optimization articles and tutorials that you can use to plan your own SEO campaigns. We will constantly be adding new articles and tutorials to this section of our website, so please check back soon for our newest SEO articles. List of SEO Tools

  • Keyword Research and Discovery Tools
  • Search Engine Rankings Tools
  • Back Link Analysis Tools
  • SEO Toolkits or All-in-one Bundles
Update: Check out Search Tools Review (Beta) for SEO, PPC and Social Media tool reviews


Backlink Analysis Tools:

Logos and LinksKeyword ToolsCommentsFree or Paid?
Link DiagnosisGreat, free tool that does thorough reports including type of link (e.g. no follow), PageRank of page, how many links on the page and anchor textFree
Yahoo Site ExplorerStill a very good, free tool. Make sure you select "Inlinks" and "Except from this Domain" to eliminate links coming from your own siteFree
Open Site ExplorerSEOMoz's Open Site Explorer is a great tool with using some of SEOMoz's custom metrics to help rank links, your page's value and more. The tool also allows for comparison of two sites.Some content is available for free; see all of the content with an upgrade to SEOMoz Pro Membership
Majestic SEOGood backlink checker, including history of backlinks; requires free registration to get all of the information; not clear if you can elminate links from your own domainFree; requires free registration to see all data (such as nofollow or not)
SEO spyglass keyword tool linkSEO SpyglassSoftware downloadFree and paid editions
SEO profiler link analysis tool logoSEO ProfilerBacklink analysis tool; also have some other interesting tools and resources such as a list of submission databasesFree and paid tools
Alexa internet tools including link analysisAlexa.comFree tools to give a variety of information about websites in it's databaseFree
Google Webmaster CentralGet information on backlinks to your site according to Google. Includes anchor textFree. Requires you to register and confirm ownership of your sites (but provides valuable information if you do that)
See our SEO Toolkits below which can also include link tracking tools
In addition, Enterprise SEO Platforms (below) also can include link analysis tools

Bonus Tools:

Buzzstream for Link ManagementAutomated link management toolsPaid with free trial available
Touchgraph Google BrowserA very cool tool to help you find sites related to certain keywords with a visual chart showing their interlinking relationshipsFree

Keyword Discovery and Research Tools:

Logos and linksKeyword toolsCommentsFree or Paid?

Google External Keyword ToolGoogle External Keyword ToolFree and easy to use; a great starting point for anyone. Includes search volume and competitive estimates and trends over time; includes local search estimates. Easily export your keyword lists to a spreadsheet or word-processing software.Free
Google Adwords Keyword ToolGoogle Adwords Keyword ToolThe same as the Google External Keyword Tool above except this requires an Adwords account and allows you to automatically move keywords into your Adwords campaigns.Almost free; $5 to start an Adwords account
Word TrackerGenerate keywords for organic and PPC campaigns, research online markets, find niche opportunities.Subscription; free trial available
Keyword discovery keyword toolKeyword DiscoveryKeyword database from over 200 search engines, keyword research tools (trends, competitors, keyword effectiveness, PPC bids), competitive analysis, options to access their API and save your data into projects.Subscription; free trial available
Wordstream keyword toolWord StreamRange from keyword discovery, research and analysis to keyword organization and actual paid and natural search marketing activity.Paid with free trial version
Key Compete keyword toolKey CompeteOnline keyword research tool. Identifies keywords your competitors are using in their PPC campaigns and who's bidding on your keywords. Also include keyword search estimates, Web site and keyword ratings, Web site and keyword "Watch Reports", Competition Reports and Long Tail Reports.Subscription; One-day paid trial available
Google search-based keyword toolGoogle Search-based Keyword ToolGenerates keyword and landing page ideas relevant and specific to your website. Helps you identify additional advertising opportunities that aren't currently being used in your AdWords ad campaigns. Includes competition estimates, suggested bids and is based on actual search data for your language and geography.Free with Adwords account
SEM Rush keyword toolSEM RushA variety of keyword tools and competitive keyword researchSubscription; Free limited account available
Google trends keyword toolGoogle TrendsCurrent keywords trending in Google's search engineFree
Google-insights-for-search-keyword-toolGoogle Insights for SearchBased on your search terms, plot keyword search trends by region, time period and optionally, by category (home & garden, computers & internet, etc.)Free
Microsoft advertising intelligence excel pluginMicrosoft Advertising Intelligence Excel PluginBuild out lists of suggested keywords based on Bing and MSN query data, including: relevance, volume, cost history, demographic and geographic.Free
Rapid keyword toolRapid Keyword SoftwareA variety of Keyword Finders (Overture Keyword Suggestion too, meta tag parser for web pages, Yahoo related keywords, Google Suggest, typo generator, Metacrawler related keywords), Competition Analyzers, Keyword Management Tools and includes a Scratch Pad functionality.Paid software for download; free trial available
Wordze keyword toolWordzeMeta Search Tool (uses meta search data and Google data to find keywords), Wordrank Tool (uses InLink, InTitle and other metrics to profile competition), Adwords Spy and Search Trends.Subscription; free trial available
market samurai keyword toolMarket SamuraiSoftware downloadPaid, free trial available
SearchMetrics RapidOnline tool, includes PPC infoPaid, free partial version available on the site
Keyword SpyOnline tool, includes PPC infoPaid with some free info available
spy fu keyword toolSpy FuOnline competitive keyword research tool, includes PPC infoPaid but you can run a free report with some limits on the site
See the SEO Toolkits or
Enterprise SEO Platforms (below) which can include keyword research tools

Bonus Keyword Tool:

keyword eye keyword toolKeyword EyeShows related keywords in a word cloud - give it a tryFree
YouTube Keyword ToolSee what people are searching for on YouTubeFree

Search Engine Rank Tracking Tools:

Keyword tools/LinksCommentsFree or Paid?
I loved this tool but ran afoul of Google (and was cut off from the info for a day) when checking too many keywords at the same timeFree
Seems to be a newer tool. Regularly checks your keyword ranks.Paid
They also have a few other tools on this site (keyword density, link popularity, etc.)Free
Pay for an overall membership with access to a variety of toolsPaid
Software downloadFree and Paid versions
Hosted solution, first 30 days freePaid
Have a very active forum as well for all topics SEOFree to check first 20 positions (first 2 search results pages); paid after that
Software downloadFree version available
One of the older rank-tracking toolsPaid

SEO Toolkits:

Logos and LinksKeyword Tools and LinksFree or Paid?
SEOMoz ToolsSome free, the bulk are paid
Raven ToolsPaid with free trials available
SEOBook ToolsSome free, with the more advanced tools for premium members
Bruce Clay ToolsetPaid, 30 day money back guarantee
Ad GoorooPaid; mix of SEO and Pay-per-click tools
internet business promotorIBP - Internet Business PromoterSoftware download, Optimize site, promote site on directories, track results (paid)
SEO Powersuite toolSEO PowersuiteSoftware download, Rank Tracking, SEO Spyglass, Link Tools, Website Auditor, Free and paid versions
Microsoft Free ToolkitIncludes Site Analysis module, Robots Exclusion module, Sitemaps and Site Indexes modules (perform analysis and offer recommendations and editing tools for managing your Robots and Sitemaps files)
Free SEO Tools SearchMetricsSearch Metrics Rapid Free SEO ToolsFree set of online tools, Social bookmark links, cloaked content checking, spider view and a few more
Web SEO Analytics free toolsWeb SEO AnalyticsA nice set of free tools with ability to get upgraded info (paid), Free and paid tools
Bonus Tool:

German SEO toolkit SEOlyticsPaid tool, in German

SEO Platforms for Enterprise:

Bright Edge SEO ToolBright EdgeSEO Enterprise platform; customers referenced include: MySpace, vmware, trulia and symantec
Conductor SEO ToolConductorSEO Enterprise Platform. Reference customers include: The Ladders, Netflix, New York Life
covario seo toolCovarioSEM and SEO Platforms; customers referenced include RackSpace, P&G and Intel
Search Metrics
SearchMetrics Enterprise SEO Tools
Search MetricsGerman Enterprise SEO company launched US business in 2010
blue glass seo toolBlueglassBlueglass -Second Step platform in Beta for Enterprise and Agencies focused on Small Biz. You can request a beta invite.
What’s missing?


more of SEO Tools List Of SEO Tools
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Thanks for the useful post about SEO. This site offers free SEO tools and services to boost your search engine optimization.

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Nice info! I'm kind of new to the whole search engine optimization world and I've been hearing a lot about this enterprise seo thing. Been trying to figure out what it's all about for a while now, and now I finally understand! Thanks for explaining!

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To find the best seo companies, you need to do research. A top SEO firm loves an educated customer, while fly-by-night SEO firms are all about customers who are unfamiliar with how it works.

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