Profil Bell Nuntita -

5 Mei 2011

Profil Bell Nuntita

Profil Bell Nuntita

Bell Nuntita

Tanggal Lahir
: 20 Desember 1983
Bell's actual name is Nuntrita Khampriranon (Bell Nuntita) and this page is dedicated to her for international fans! Bell is one of the admins here although some of the replies are by the admin themselves. We will try our best to relay everything from you to Bell and vice-versa.

Bell was discovered during a reality show at Thailand (Thailand's Got Talent video ) and performed a simple yet wonderful Medley (I want to know but I dont want to ask you; unlovable).
SONG 1 by (Calories Blah Blah) - yahk roo tae mai yahk taam
SONG 2 by Mild- Unlovable

The medley lyric translation:-

As close with you as our breath
If only i can spend time with you
only friends, but its hard to control myselt
whatevers stuck in my mind,
about how u really feel.
love you so much,
but never told u so
Well, I know that I’m insignificant, and I know I can’t be much
However longer, the more hopeless it is
When you never turn to look at me
Even though no matter how much I love you
I know you probably won’t be interested
I still dream and I still hope inside my mind that someday you’ll have me
But I know it can’t be
When you think I’m nothing, but it’s okay
I want to ask to have you always in my heart for a long time…
I don’t know how much longer until I can remove you from my heart
Until the good memories can fade away
Until I’ll be able to love someone else again…

Jenis Kelamin
Informasi Pribadi
Humble, graceful, demure, talented
Minat Pribadi
::S O N G D O W N L O A D S::
- Unlovable-
- Rak Mai Tong Karn Wala -
- Change (Phein) -
- Bao Bao -

::V I D E O C O L L E C T I O N P L A Y L I S T::

Aqui está el video subtitulado en español - Gracias, Xavier Bravo

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3 komentar

  1. wah cantik juga, saya baru tahu sob, ini artis indo atau artis luar yah ?

  2. artis thailand sob...heheh waria tp...

  3. wah masak sih waria, beda banget yh sama indo, waria indo kekar2


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