Free Download Hybrids v7.1 (85xx, 8900, 9000, 9700) -

2 Des 2011

Free Download Hybrids v7.1 (85xx, 8900, 9000, 9700)

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Free Download Hybrids v7.1 (85xx, 8900, 9000, 9700) - I recommend uninstalling any other OS’s off of your computer and running CCleaner (including registry cleaner) to ensure a clean install. Please back up all your data before proceeding.

-This is meant to install over the following OS:


-Run Willyboy v7.1.exe to install the hybrid over the base. (If you are asked to create a new directory, you are doing it wrong)
-"Exit" the installer, Shrink-A-OS will pop up. Shrink out all languages you do not need to save space. DO NOT shrink out default fonts and themes.
-If you choose to wipe, now would be the time to do it.
-Launch loader from SAOS. If core applications are missing from loader selection, try launching from BBSAK or BBMCP.

These are .857/.862/.886/ builds.

-Comes with the newest BBM.
-East Asian Language support is included and fully functional.
-Google Maps v4.4.0, UberTwitter v0.98, Twitter for BlackBerry v1.0.0.45, newest App World, FourSquare v1.9, and Xtreme Labs Speedtest are all included.
-Includes all stock Blackberry games and IM Applications with loader options.
-Includes an option to install the NEW Mobile Launcher!
-BIG thanks to Lyricidal for allowing me to use his new BBH TOOL! This will pop up instead of Shrink-A-OS after the install but it functions just the same.... only better! Check out his work at BBHybrids Forums - BBHybrids - Home!

It is important to keep in mind that the first couple reboots will take a lot longer than normal. Also, battery life will not be good until the device settles which usually takes 24-48 hours. If you have it loaded and are experiencing sub-par performance, consider wiping a reloading. Another helpful utility is to every once in a while give your phone a security wipe.

Device/About Screen
If you want to verify you installed otherwise, go to Options>Applications>Menu>Modules and scroll down to see the .886/6.0 files.

Please post your comments and feedback! ENJOY!

Download Willyboy Curve 85xx v7.1
Download Willyboy Curve 8900 v7.1
Download Willyboy Bold 9000 v7.1
Download Willyboy Tour/Bold 96xx v7.1
Download Willyboy Bold 9700 v7.1

Free Download Hybrids v7.1 (85xx, 8900, 9000, 9700)

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