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13 Sep 2010

Central Borneo Dance - Indonesian Culture

Central Borneo Dance, Arts are part of Dayak life. There are many various arts such as dancing, carving, weaving, sculpturing. Their sculptured carvings and statues physically represent their gods, and their carvings are influenced by their culture and beliefs.

Dances are performed during a ritual ceremony to welcome their heroes or their important guests. There are a number of dances from Central Kalimantan, such as:
  1. Tari Mandau (Mandau Dance). This dance is performed when welcoming important guests for a ceremony, but it is also performed for friendship or when welcoming heroes after a war victory. This dance is performed by old and young people, men or women.
  2. Tari Mandau Kinyah (Mandau Kinyah Dance). This dance is performed particularly for heroes who are returning from war.
  3. Tari Giring-giring (Gring-giring dance). This dance is danced by men and women as couples. Each dancer holds one or two bamboo sticks. One of the bamboo sticks is filled with small stones, and when it is shaked it produces a sound which is accompanied by traditional music by the Kangkanong (Gamelan) and drum. The Giring-giring dance is performed to celebrate special occasions and to welcome guests.
  4. Tari Manggetem (Harvesting dance). This dance is performed at harvest in order to express thanks to the God/gods for the overwhelming bounty.
  5. Tari Gelang Bawo (Gelang Bawo Dance). Gelang Bawo dance comes from Dayak Maanyan whose name was Tewang Rawayab. Tewang Rawayab lived in the highland of the Dayak Bawo area. The story of this dance is: One day the chief of the Bawo named Dataktoo had a son whose name was Lala. Lala's hobby was hunting. The dance shows Lala's prayerful demonstration of hunting capabilities and skills.
  6. Tari Gelang Dadas (Gelang Dadas Dance). This Dance is usually performed by women. The story of this dance is: Once, there was a girl whose name was Lue Payung Gunting. One day she meditated and met a cobra and jaguar. These two animals gave her instructions for gaining supernatural power. When she was able to dance, her body moved like the snake's body and she could fly like an eagle in the sky.
In addition to the dances that have been mentioned above, there are still a number of beautiful Dayak Dances such as: Bukas, Balau Nganjan, Kanjan Palu, Kerangkang and Dandang Tingan dances.

Murung Raya Dance

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